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Fairview Developmental Center is a California State run residential facility for the developmentally disabled. The Developmental Disabilities Services Act of California provides an array of services and support for individuals with developmental disabilities. The service system established by this law guarantees the right to medical care and treatment and habilitation services for the disabled. Fairview Developmental Center provides 24-hour residental care for people with developmental disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Down syndrome, and other lifelong conditions. Services include training in daily living, vocational, leisure, academic, communication, mobility, socialization, and community skills. Services are provided both on campus and in community settings.

Our non-profit organization, Fairview Families and Friends, is a support and advocacy group for the residents of the Developmental Center. The stated mission of Fairview Families and Friends, Inc. is to: "Help enrich Fairview Developmental Center's residents lives materially, emotionally, and spiritually by extending to the residents additional benefits that may be beyond Fairview's budget."

Headline News and Important Dates

Meeting Dates
Sunday, January 22, 2017
Sunday, March 19, 2017

FFF Membership-Why it is Important to You and Your Family
FFF supports the residents living at Fairview and provides valuable information and opportunities for family members and advocates.
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Latest Jan/Feb Newsletter Online
Read about the latest news affecting the clients and families of Fairview.
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Self-Determination Video
See the video on the California Developmental Services website. Learn what is available for patients and how the program works.
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Transition Planning
Learn more about the entire process and procedures for finding the best fit for the DC patient.
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For Assistance on IPP's & Placements
Call Joe Preston at 714-203-1001

Regional Center of Orange County recruiting new Board Members
RCOC is recruiting new members for the Board of Directors. Please call 714-796-5206 to have a Board application mailed to you or complete the form online at the website: http://www.rcocdd.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/BOD/RCOCBODAApplication.pdf

Find Your Legislators and Contact Them!

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